What’s In Your Ear, POTUS? – Obama Rocks Out


Take one look at Barack Obama, and you can tell this man works out. I mean, he needs a strong body just to carry all that swagger. See, Barry is like us regular folk and when he works out, he likes to jam out.

Ever wonder what a man of his stature like to listen to while he works off all that presidential stress? You might be surprised that it’s not all Jay Z and BeyoncĂ©. In fact, our POTUS has quite the varied selection on his workout playlist.

The Obamas love sharing their playlists with us. President Obama shared his #SummerSixteen playlist in August. First Lady Michelle shared her all-girl anthems in honor of International Day of the Girl. They even shared their holiday playlist last year.

To keep himself fit, Obama listens to Jay and Bey, Nina Simone, Icona Pop and Bob Marley and Sting.  Feel free to stream his playlist for yourself next time you work out.