#Drake Announces ‘More Life’ Album, Mocks Kid Cudi’s Depression


Drake has been hella busy this year, and he’s taking all our coins.  He started the year with the chart-smashing “Views”, then a sold-out Summer Sixteen tour. But he’s not done yet, because he’s about to give us More Life:The Playlist.

Last night on OVO Sound Radio, he announced the new project set to release in December. Though there’s no firm release date, he released 4 new tracks.  “Two Birds One Stone” is a diss tracks to Pusha T and Kid Cudi. He talks about T’s drug dealing lyrics, which is fine because he made that choice to sell drugs.

But then Drake made fun of Kid Cudi’s depression. That is so uncool! He shouldn’t make fun of something Cudi can’t control, and reduce his pain to ‘phases’ in his life. Depression, suicidal thoughts – that shit is real! It’s like telling somebody with a severe heart condition that it’s all in their mind and they can run that marathon. The brain is an organ just like the heart, just 100 times more complicated. And like any body part, sometimes it doesn’t work well.


Anyway, let me get off this rant, Chile… That’s why Rihanna won’t give him none. #PettyBerry

The other tracks “Sneakin'” ft. 21 Savage and “Fake Love” will be on More Life. He also played a remix of UK rapper Santan Dave’s song “Wanna Know”. Take a listen to Two Birds.

Check out the other tracks on Apple Music