Beyoncé Gets Patriotic For Beat Magazine


Beyoncé is the type of woman who lets her music and performance do all the talking. She hasn’t given an interview since 2013, and didn’t even give one to Vogue two months ago to everyone’s shock. Beat magazine must have been elated when she honored their request for light interview.

Beyoncé on fear:

“What does fear taste like? Success. I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth.”

How she wants to dress for Halloween:

Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ era with the army fatigues. Or maybe ‘Bootylicious’ with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair.”

Song she sings in the shower:

“‘Holy Ghost’ by Kim Burrell.”

Her alone time with Jay Z – Netflix or chill:

“Netflix and chill.”

The last song stuck in her head:

“‘Jugg’ by Fetty Wap.”

How she likes her pizza:

“Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños.”